Retail: The Broken Arm, Paris

April 02, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Words: Gino Delmas/Photo: François Coquerel

Anaïs Lafarge, Guillaume Steinmetz, and Romain Joste, are the trio behind the place everybody’s been talking about for the past few weeks in Paris, a new concept shop called The Broken Arm. Offering exclusive product like the recent Nike x Undercover Gyakusou collection, as well as pieces from Kenzo and Patrick Ervell alongside a carefully edited selection of magazines, lifestyle products, homewares and art, and a delicious café, The Broken Arm proposes a new style of Parisian boutique that’s as eclectic as a blog that’s come to life. The creators, who are also the co-founders of the blog De Jeunes Gens Modernes, add another string to their bow with this charming concept-store located in front of Square du Temple in the Marais.

Tell us more about how the store came about?

Guillaume: We were thinking about doing something like this for a while. By working on the blog De Jeunes Gens Modernes, we developed kind of a frustration by being only go-betweens. We see a continuity between the lifestyle we used to cover on the blog and the good stuff we carry here, fashionwise, but concerning magazines, decoration and food, too. We like the idea of a transversality between all the sides of The Broken Arm.

Romain: We propose a selection of products, based on our favorites. In our clothing offerings, you can find some established brands (Kenzo, Carven,Christophe Lemaire, Raf Simons, Nike), but others are still very fresh or more confidential like Jacquemus or Patrick Ervell. Gathering these different brands can enlighten some pieces and lead different audiences to meet here.

Were you inspired by some boutiques or stores?

Romain: First of all, none of us is Parisian, and we all had in mind these stores in the provinces we liked to spend time in. Places where you feel welcome and pleased to chill in, even when you don’t buy anything.

Guillaume: We especially like the Milan and NY Prada stores, where despite the luxury, you feel the conviviality of the places and never any pressure. The idea of a wider offering, not only fashion, but a place to eat and drink good coffee, brings out this idea.

Who is in the kitchen ?

Guillaume: Amelie Darvas is a young chef who gained her experience from her time at Bristol and the Mini Palais. We constantly challenge her by asking for a different soup, salad and sandwich every day, at a reasonable price (around 15€ for a complete meal). Where you see her making the difference is in the selection and assembling of rare but genuine products, and in the flavoring, that is always right.

Romain: Behind the bar, we have a barista who can really talk about the coffee she’s serving. That was necessary with such a coffee-supplier as the Norwegian Solberg & Hansen. The fact is we want to show that you getting high-end products isn’t more expensive, nothing should be overrated. Our coffee is the same price as all coffees in the area.

What’s next ?

Romain: We just finished the Nike Gyakusou store front and we are currently mounting a photo exhibition by Bastien Lattanzio. And we have one or two other projects in the works.

The Broken Arm

2 rue Perrée (3e)