April 05, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

040507_margo.jpgAs reported in the Chicago Tribune, Neiman Marcus is reaching for young and edgy shoppers with an experimental boutique called Cusp.

Cusp is for fashion forward women, who might normally shop at Intermix, or Scoop. Cusp stores will not blatantly display any affiliation with NM. Neiman Marcus is still in the testing phases, but if all goes well, the retailer plans to roll out Cusp boutiques nationwide. the first Cusp store opened last year in Tyson's Corner VA and Los Angeles, and a fourth location opened recently at Northbrook Court in Northbrook, IL.

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Cusp takes a radically different approach to retail. Unlike Neiman's more refined look, Cusp stores are loft style,  with exposed brick and duct work. And, clothes are presented ina boutiquey way- by trend and look rather than by designer.

Cusp also operates a blog, called, where news and photos from the stores are displayed, best sellers and trend information are blogged, and the store is able to interact with its clientele in a very personal way. There are also opportunities for customers to sign up for special benefits, news, previews and sales, and a section offering live shopping help is coming soon.

So far, however, results from the initial stores indicate shoppers are willing to spend at the "very highest price points," Tansky said, according to the Chicago Tribune.