August 01, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

JOHNBARTLETTBULL.jpgWho doesnt love John Bartlett? The designer always had the most exciting and theatrical men's runway shows back when there was men's fashion week in NYC, and his collection was always inspiring, and wearable. So what has he been up to lately? After he closed his company in 2002, he headed over to Thailand to practic Ashtanga Yoga for the past 4 years. Living the dream...  and Bartlett is back, and consulting for luxury goods maker Ghurka as well as designing his own collection. Now, our friends at Paul Wilmot have informed us that he's opening a store in the West Village. More info after the jump.

Situated in the heart of the West Village at Seventh Avenue South and Charles, near Bleecker Street, the store will carry a full range of product centering around Bartlett’s signature sportswear while offering made to measure clothing and exclusive to the store furnishings. Bartlett also envisions the store as a breeding ground of related creativity and will be collaborating with local artisans to create one of a kind ceramics, scents, hand screened T-shirts and cds. Bartlett, a West Village resident (who isn't these days?)  sees this as an exciting opportunity to present his own approach to lifestyle design and to have a home for all of his favorite art books, which he will also carry.