Retail Check: The Parliament

March 16, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

[caption id="attachment_5315" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="The Parliament"]The Parliament[/caption] The Parliament is the newest boutique to open in Fred Segal Santa Monica. Featuring an amazing roster of progressive brands including Helmut Lang, Rick Owens, and Gary Graham, the shop is a true style destination. We caught up with owner Daniel Lipkin about the state of his business. Read it all after the jump.

How’s business? Is it still slow or do you detect some signs of life ? Business is great, thanks. Retail life is slowly beginning to improve. We have a special store with great, unique brands that people still feel comfortable purchasing.

What’s selling now? Helmut Lang is flying out the door. Gary Graham is always a steady brand and Isabel Marant is doing very well because it's a great collection and very hard to find in Los Angeles. What are you looking forward to for spring deliveries? We're looking forward to Isabel Marant's Spring Collection, both mainline and Etoile. It's such a soft, feminine collection with great fabrics and prints.

What did you like from the fall trade shows? Most of the same brands mentioned above. Gary Graham, Isabel Marant, Preen Line, Rick Owens.

Do you use any social media (Facebook. Twitter etc) and how has it impacted your business? No. What do you think is motivating the consumer to buy these days? I think consumers want to have a wonderful experience wherever they shop and to feel like they're money is well spent. We offer great customer service and amazing merchandise. What music are you playing in your store right now? Lots of Rolling Stones, some lounge music (Hotel Costes), old school hip-hop, and some underground tracks. What’s exciting you right now ? I'm excited about the reception my store has received. It's great to know that people appreciate something unique to the retail community. I love it when folks come in and have great things to say about the store and the merchandise. Any store news, or upcoming events you’d like to tell the world about? We're having a party promoting the Kimberly Ovitz collection at the end of March (tbd).