Retail Check: INCU

March 16, 2010 BY CAPSULESNEWS

INCU Incu is a pretty happening chain in Australia, with several men’s and women’s boutiques in Sydney and Melbourne, as well as a Topshop concept. Stocking both international and local brands, the name Incu is a reference to the company's philosophy of incubating young talent . Currently the brand roster includes Band of Outsiders, Alexander Wang, Nom de Guerre, Mismo, Opening Ceremony, and Peter Jensen. We caught up with owner Vincent Wu, to check in on the state of his business down unda. After the jump.

How’s business? Is it still slow or do you detect some signs of life ? Business is going well and we've been fortunate in that the Australian economy has not had the kind of downturn that most overseas countries have experienced. We're still seeing a lot of growth and hopefully this will continue into this season.

What’s selling now? We're still selling brands that have a cleaner aesthetic like A.P.C., Our Legacy and Acne but we're starting to sell brands that have a sports element mixed in with fashion such as Nike Sportswear and Wood Wood.

What are you looking forward to for spring deliveries? We've picked up Warriors of Radness which I think will do extremely well here since Sydney is very surf-oriented. I also really like the Band of Outsiders Polo collection (This Is Not A Polo Shirt) which has already started selling well.

What did you like from the fall trade shows? We really liked Libertine-Libertine and was really impressed with the new Oliver Spencer collection.

Do you use any social media (Facebook. Twitter etc) and how has it impacted your business? We've been communicating our customers through our website and we've been using Twitter for our Topshop concept store which has been very effective. It’s been so important for us to stay in touch with our customers and create a dialogue so that we can continually improve our business.

What do you think is motivating the consumer to buy these days? I think customers are looking for more than just cool brands, they want to see there is a story behind a brand and the quality of each piece justifies the price. I don't think consumers are scared of paying high prices as long as they see the value and it appeals to them on more than a superficial level.

What music are you playing in your store right now? Animal Collective

What’s exciting you right now? Our new Melbourne men’s store opened a few months ago and we're so excited to see how it goes. We've had a great response so far and it’s just nice to meet new customers.

Any store news, or upcoming events you’d like to tell the world about? We're opening a women’s store in Melbourne next and we've got some plans for later this year which is under wraps at the moment.