Respect the craft by Eye Respect

April 25, 2014 BY EYE RESPECT

The very name of our brand goes a long way to explain the motivation behind our existence. Eye Respect…
Pause and think for a moment….. it is much more than a simple pun.
Whilst caring for the eyes of our customers, and offering the finest hand-crafted product at the correct price to market, we also set out on our mission to embrace, utilise and promote the work of our skilled artisan craftsmen and factory, and help the wider consumer understand exactly what goes in to landing a pair of Eye Respect frames on the end of one’s nose.

Eye Respect will present their “Respect for Craft” concept at the forthcoming London Collections: Men, before working with selected retailers to bring their hand-crafted personalisation concept to life in a number of pop-up scenarios.

The customer will be able to choose from an assortment of high grade components that include cellulose options, colour and grade of lenses, hinge options and inside text personalisation service.
Components that are all made by hand, assembled by hand, and fitted to the customer on the spot.

This entire process will take no longer than 15 minutes and will give a full insight to the exacting standards of a craft that we pioneer, represent and embrace.

Respect for Craft


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