Remi Relief’s Yutaka Goto Explains the Value in "Made in Japan"

April 13, 2016 BY CAPSULE

In a new interview with the Japanese retailer BEAMS, Remi Relief’s Yutaka Goto explains what it means to be “Made in Japan.” Over the years, those three words have come to signify products that are made with an inimitable quality and construction. Using his own made-in-Japan collection as reference, Goto shares his intimate knowledge of Japanese fabrics and unique technologies.

“Being made in Japan is not what makes them good. It is the Japanese perspective and ideas embedded within them,” Goto says. “When people overseas look at Japanese products they fin concepts different to their own. That’s what they are seeking when they refer to Japan quality.”

Goto also walks through the innovative and intricate processes that go into creating the fabrics for his latest collection, which is set to launch at BEAMS later this month. (via HighSnobiety)

To hear the entire interview with Goto, check out the video.

--Erica Euse