Red Wing's New Flagship



Red Wing is giving back to its local community. The company is gearing up to open a 17,800-sq.-ft. store — complete with a 4,600-sq.-ft. company museum — on Main Street in Red Wing, Minn., across the street from its corporate headquarters. The store, opening on Aug. 3, was designed by Stillwater, Minn.-based SALA Architects and adheres to several design guidelines, due to the historical designation of the district. The designers drew inspiration from the red brick buildings in the area, dating back to the 1800s, to create a façade with a vintage American feel. The exterior of the store on the first and second floors features etched granite reliefs of work scenes from Red Wing’s history, including a steam locomotive engineer and loggers working in Minnesota’s white pine forests. The interior will have a rugged layout, with concrete floors and industrial fixtures and display racks. “Since 1905,

Main Street

has been home to the Red Wing Shoe Co.,” said Murphy. “The new store will generate a lot of visitors — and hopefully a lot of business — for the Red Wing community. It's very gratifying to give something back to

Main Street

and our hometown with this new store and museum.” (Footwear News)