look5_tn_300x224.jpgTony Melillo, the designer known for his stints as designer of Generra and his now defunct Nova label, recently launched his eponymous sportswear collection. Inspired by the challenge of creating the perfect shirt, pants, sweater and blazer, Melillo has boiled down a collection of all of a guy's favorite pieces, and crafted them with high end details and materials.  We’ve got an exclusive interview about men's fashion and photos of the collection after the jump.






WATM: What's inspiring you now?
TM: I  would say I am very inspired by active sportswear like Nike, adidas, New Balance. I like the IDEA of these clothes…the way they move with the body, the way they are styled...I look in stores like Paragon every other week...I don't take from them inspiration for color or fabric as this is not my style but I like the cool design ideas such as details and shapes.




What do you think will be a big trend going forward?
TM: Already the trend is going GREEN...I have not followed this but I  will say being that it is getting so much coverage it makes me more aware and therefore if i am shown say a GREEN fabric I will be more likely to look at it these days.



How do you see the men's fashion scene evolving right now? What do guys want to wear in your opinion?
TM: The men's business is growing and growing,..this is great news!! I think there are many more options and as everything I think sooner then later we will see which ones are the winners and which ones can't survive...Most important in this day and age is being smart in business as this will sustain a business. If you want a business in men's you need to hit more than the fashion people... I think guys look for comfort, subtle details and easy colors...that may sound boring but if you keep within those boundaries you can do a lot and not scare the guy and  add your punch to the collection which they will then not be intimidated by. If the whole package has nothing to do with any of these things then the guy is going to be scared and hard to win over. At least that's what I think!