March 28, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS


A gentleman wise beyond his years, Billy Moore has been giving Brooklyn residents style tips for ages. He describes himself as "the source of constant nervous laughter for his friends." Here, he shares some tips with us. 

Q: What is influencing you lately and future trends do you see emerging? 

A: What I'm all about lately is growing up. It started off with just a few pieces of flair like Fred Perry polos and good quality jeans, but I'd like to step up my game even further and just go full tilt into dressing with class. Class is something that has been missing from American clothing since the days of JFK and Vince Lombardi. Denim has become the great equalizer in terms of fashion and personally I would really like to see some class distinctions again. More well cut pants and cords for men, pair with a collared shirt. Basically you should look like a slightly disheveled British officer serving in Indian during the days of empire, Classy but not foppish.