September 28, 2008 BY CAPSULESNEWS

renegurskov.gifThe Danish designer René Gurskov has been on our radar a lot recently, so we thought we’d bring you an interview we found with the designer from The Fashionisto.  “Denmark has a “Long tradition [of] clothes and trade.  The Danish design tradition of function and look is the basis' for Gurskov’s clothing line.  However, he is quick to state that he is 'no minimalist!' Three years of fashion school and a one year internship in Paris encompass his formal fashion education, but Gurskov received his fashion bearings from his parents. His father taught him to draw and he learned to sew from his mother.  During high school, Gurskov began making clothes for his friends. Currently, Gurskov is focused on breaking into the American fashion scene and on his current path, he is certain to do so. See an excerpt from the interview and SS09 pics after the jump and read the full story here.




Spring 2009: What does the collection represent?
Imagine growing up in the late seventies  - your parents are hippies.  They believe in love and peace.  You want to do it your way!  Your parents like Bob Dylan  - you like Sid Viscous doing “My Way”.  This collection is for the guys who was caught in the crossfire between parents of 69′ and the punk rebellion.  The big question is, “Can you be a nice guy and still look sharp and tough?”  The collection tries to bring these contradictions together.  Sharp and square lines in black/white and gray mixed with hot red patchwork one of its kind pieces.  Business suits with layers of afghan scarves and knitted childlike caps.  Silver and acid green as accents.  The silhouette goes in different directions.  Slim and oversize in harmony.  The different pieces should make possible to create a look, that will make your parents go “Oh No!”