Hanging with PROUD MARY at Capsule Show

March 10, 2014 BY SCOUT & CATALOGUE


Tradeshow days are long, but Ryley and I were lucky enough to be sitting beside Harper Poe of the brand Proud Mary this past Capsule show. We spent the days talking about life, business and boys (especially boys) and I was excited to learn more about Harper’s global artisan focused line. At one point with S&C I was interested in working along similar lines – searching out artisan communities in developing nations and commissioning work – but after getting a sense of the organization/administration involved I bowed out, knowing I don’t have the skill set to make such a complex production model work (I have difficulty booking hair appointments). That being said, listening to Harper talk of travelling, meeting artisans and making a real difference in their communities all while producing beautiful goods left me really inspired – and you will be too once you head over to her site and get a feel for what she is up to. Enjoy!