PreFall 2015 from Dori Tomcsanyi - A sneak peek for Capsule Paris

February 17, 2015 BY DORI TOMCSANYI


Dori Tomcsanyi’s Pre-Fall 2015 collection was inspired by her travel to Korea, Seoul. The modern architecture and the reconstructed buildings had a great impact on her vision, and their signatures are appearing in the smaller details, just as in the overall forms and lines of the dresses. The reflecting and colourful embellishments are recalling the neon signs of this never sleeping city, while the sparkling panels remind us of the cold, night lights. Neoprene sweaters and dresses are guiding us towards the lifestyle of a gorgeously modern city, and taking us into the future.

Sustainable design and recycling are again having a big role in the brand’s newest collection, with the use of recycled and natural fabrics like lyocell, environmentally-friendly handled cotton and viscose, after a very careful search for the environmentally mindful manufacturers.

See you at Capsule Paris, visit our booth if you have a chance!





Photo: Mate Balazs
Hair: Csongor Bozo
Make-up: Natasa Kovalik
Styling concept: Nora Gyenge
Model: Csilla (ICON)
at Flashback Photo Studio, Budapest, Hungary