Pitti: It Only Takes Three


Now that it's over, what have you learned?

Three days, countless recaps of what your favorite companies have to offer next, and hundreds of photos of peacocking men strolling through the Palazzo later, did you get your fill of Pitti? I know what youre thinking, Of course not, dont be ridiculous Jake, there will never be enough street style to quench my thirst. To each his own, but before you start delving into another seasons worth of photos searching for that mind blowing shot of Lapo wearing a new type of camo that he invented out of photos of himself, lets take a look at some photos that you can actually use as inspiration for your own wardrobe.

First off is this shot by Tommy Ton for GQ featuring the icons Lino Leluzzi and Renato Plutino. Aside from the fact that these guys like entirely natural unlike a lot of stiff younger guys that just look like theyre wearing costumes, these three are all sporting matching peak lapel double breasted sport coats. Yup it seems like the DB is here to stay, and these three are a great example of how the jacket should fit, not to mention their details such as ticket pockets, chalk white buttons, and subtle patterns. Leave it to the legends to show how to wear it right.

Next up is Agyesh Madan and Leonardo Genova of Isaia shot by Justin Chung. Starting with Agyesh on the left he takes the Khaki suit, a relatively muted summer standby, and makes it eye-catching. And its not just the jackets features (the wide lapels, and caramel buttons) but the fit that makes it so noteworthy. From the button stance to the inseam to the waist (note the lack of belt loops,) Agyesh is basically teaching a class on how to wear a suit in this photo. As for Leonardo, hes all about balance. Leonardo is only wearing three colors and yet its enough to make for one extraordinary fit. By using white as a base, Leonardos baby blue gingham DB is that much more prominent. You dont have to be wearing a thousand different crazy colors to get noticed, all you need is one piece thats worth showcasing. One last thing, both men are wearing the hell out of their Belgian loafers, a shoe were sure to see more of in the coming months.

Last but not least, or should I say, last and least is this shot by Tommy Ton of Valentino Ricci owner and master tailor at Sartoria Sciamat in Italy. I decided to include this shot last because of all the photos coming out this week this is probably the one thats easiest to learn from. Ricci begins with a simplicity that we can all relate to, I mean what man doesnt have a navy suit, but he also exemplifies how to add complexity to a fit in the right ways. Instead of going with a solid blue or white shirt, Ricci instead opts for the bold red striped button down with a pretty perfect collar roll. On top of that Ricci goes with a knit tie to add some texture making for a much more dynamic overall fit.

So thats it, just a few things you can actually gain from the infinite amount of photos coming out of Pitti right now, and while I cant say theyll get you street styled at least theyll make you dress better, and hey thats the real goal isnt it?

Words by Jake Gallagher