Photos From the Road: Mikael Kennedy's Pictures from Ramblers Bone

November 29, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Last April, photographers Mikael Kennedy and Sean Sullivan set out on a month-long journey through the American west, armed with their cameras and seeking adventure. The project was called Ramblers Bone. Mikael explains a little bit about their trip and the people they took with them along the way:

"We traveled 6288 miles in 29 days using a 12 year-old paper atlas and only a general sense of our direction each day: "head north-west, or turn south once you hit Colorado". When we left Los Angeles, there were four on the road straight into the desert. Two got dropped in Vegas, and we crossed The Devils Backbone in Utah to meet Mr. Black in New Mexico to search for Dennis Hopper's grave. From there it was through the mountains of Colorado to pick up the fifth Rambler in Wyoming and look for buffalo. She traveled as far as Oregon with us, crossing Montana twice before hopping off, and the sixth, my girl with the guitar, climbed aboard to ride the coast with us down to Cali. In San Francisco, we found the cowboy we'd left in Vegas. He needed a ride to Yosemite to work for the summer, so we turned east one last time to drop him off before heading south, to LA and to the end. There was no plan, just a general direction, no destination, just being out there. To me, I was there to see the land, that magnificent and diverse terrain that America used to be known for. I just wanted to stand there and stare out into the wildness for as long as I could."

Tonight, at the Wolverine Company Store, you're invited to a very special art opening where you can see the moments Mikael's camera captured along the way. From breathtaking landscapes, to intimate portraits, come revisit the Ramblers Bone road trip with Wolverine. PBR will provide beer and DJ Lucas Walters will spin the ultimate travelling mix.