Pharrell Alert! Adidas Collab

March 27, 2014 BY CAPSULE

Pharrell has been making bigger waves in the fashion community than usual as of late. The most recent announcement we're pumped about, which was, according to WWD, actually alluded to in his Grammy outfit, is a collab with Adidas. Head over to the original piece to read all about it. And peep some of his thoughts on the collection below. - MS, WATM


“Adidas is giving me a great opportunity to develop products which I love and will also be using Bionic Yarn and is more of a partnership than a collaboration as we look to work together for the next few years,” he said.

“It’s my line so it comes from my heart and mind,” he said. “I’m taking this very seriously. [It’s for] basically everyone. [I’m] not doing this for any specific demographic; I hate being put in a category anyway.”

“I’m definitely not on the level of these people, who are real designers and do this as a profession. I’m more of a student,” he said. “Luckily over the years I have found great collaborators and business partners who have helped me share these ideas. I look forward to working with Dirk Schoenberger and his team at Adidas. Thus far they have made it really easy for me.”