Peskowitz to Leave Bloomingdales, Launch His Own Concept Shop

December 11, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Bloomingdales' Fashion Director Josh Peskowitz's career has mirrored the rise of the entire menswear industry. Well-versed in both the editorial side, and the retail side of the business, Pesko's come up the ranks of the industry from a clerk at popular '90s streetwear chain Up Against The Wall to the pinnacle of menswear influence, holding jobs at cutting edge menswear companies along the way. Now a street style star, with a powerful job as fashion director of a major global retailer, Josh Peskowitz has inspired millions of young men to dress with some sprezzatura, and personal style.

We met Pesko when our BPMW agency was just a small menswear showroom on the rise back in the early aughts. He was making his mark as an insightful writer and stylist at the Fader magazine. As the years went on, Josh's career steps were always at the forefront in the market, helping to launch the now defunct but exciting-for-the-time men's shopping magazine Cargo, with Bruce Pask, working on early men's online retailer Park and Bond's editorial side, and other prestigious, groundbreaking roles. Now, as Pesko leaves his post at Bloomingdales after 4 years, he is setting out to evolve once again - as a concept shop owner.

Now, just as independent retail is becoming a major force in the industry, Peskowitz, with 2 partners, will open a menswear shop, Magasin, at The Platform, a new retail development in LA's Culver City. He tells BofF: " There is a lot to be said for shopping in a way where you can walk into a store and intuitively all those things go together, as opposed to the way that many boutiques are set up now — by brand. Particularly for someone who is interested in clothing and cares about quality and provenance; that is the person that has the biggest growth potential — the guy that you’re going to be able to get to invest in this clothing and create a real sustainable business with."


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