Paris S/S2011 Trend Alert - Moroccan Trousers


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Baggy pants are in -- and I don’t mean the ones that hang down to your knees. This time, designers have looked across the pond for inspiration and set their eyes on the Moroccan pants that seemed to have come from the wardrobe of the Prince of Persia himself. These are chic and trendy, not to mention some of the most comfortable pants to have ever hit the market. Baggy on top and tapered at the bottom, these are a great addition to the limited selection men have when it comes to pants. Almost every designer had a pair of these walking down their runway in various colors, fabrics and prints, worn with t-shirts, blazers and everything in between. Like any prince, if you are a leader by nature, check out this trend that took the runways in Paris by storm. Photos via and (Santho Goonewardene)

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