June 16, 2014 BY CAPSULE


As we gear up for the Paris men's shows, we asked our favorite retailers for their take on S/S 15 and other fun, insider-y things. For this edition we got some time with Julien Bouzereau, the founder/buyer/big cheese at forward-thinking retail (and internet) hotspot Beaubien.

What are you psyched on for Paris Men’s Fashion Week?

Checking some cool products that may be one day be part of BEAUBIEN's selections.

What’s most exciting to you in menswear right now?

Fabrics are getting more and more sophisticated!

What needs to go away in menswear right now if not sooner?

Ugly sneakers, please!

What is one thing you recently learned about clothing (or life in general) that has really helped you on your journey?

It's cool to sell online, too.

Aside from “pick good stuff” do you have any advice for people trying to get into the retail game?

Keep it simple.

Current favorites:

Song: ''Catacombs'' by Nikkfurie of La Caution

Beverage: Not a wine but an addictive Italian soda called Chinotto

Snack: everything matcha-flavoured

Book: Random Raymond Carver short stories