Paris Now Open: Marche Noir

June 20, 2016 BY CAPSULE


If you've spent some time in Paris recently, you've probably heard about Amah Ayivi. This cool kid / stylist is used to sell his finds in a unique environment on the mezzanine of Le Comptoir Général- a huge African curiosity cabinet bar on the bank of Canal Saint Martin. But he just took his passion to another dimension with Marché Noir ("black market"), a retail project in the North Marais which promotes his African roots, and love for African style.


One block from The Broken Arm, Ayivi’s new headquarters measures 700 square feet and is comprised of a cafe and a 2 floor shop. Inspired by the West-African Dogon tribe and its architecture, Marché Noir gathers treasures hand-picked by Ayivi and his team from African markets - sometimes reshaped or reconditioned - as well as invited brands.


The cafe serves a wide range of coffees, mocktails and fresh pressed juices in a warm atmosphere.


Highly recommended for a shopping or a coffee break.-- Gino Delmas

18 rue Perrée, Paris (3rd)