Paris Fashion Week Trend Report

July 01, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU

We love Paris, but we're on the first train smoking out of the city. Not only is our Paris show finished, but also Paris Fashion Week is officially after the Saint Laurent Paris show last night at 9pm. With the end of every fashion week, we have to take a look at the recurring themes and trends of the shows, and what we expected came true.

The trends of London and Milan overlapped into Paris. The royal blue color story from London and the orange color story and activewear from Milan trickled into the Paris shows. The most prominent trend that we noticed come out of Paris is printed patterns. Shirts, shorts, blazers, and outerwear met all-over print patterns and were styled altogether for multiple looks. The prints were detailed and vibrant in camouflage, floral, word and phrase patterns, geometric shapes, and more.



Pinstripe and birds-eye patterns go ha nd-in-hand with blazers, but designers went in a vastly different direction for SS14. Loud, vivid florals and block patterns were put to use on full suits and sport coats. The looks did not appear grandiose or overdone in any way, in fact the patterns seemed fitting for menswear's more daring direction.


Lastly, the outerwear. Patterned coats are far from being out of the ordinary, but for SS14 we saw numerous looks that matched trousers, shirts, and blazers with the outerwear that completed the looks. This final piece of the outfit puzzle took all-over prints to another level, perfect for editorials and will definitely be accepted by shoppers.


There are prints, prints, and more prints coming from Paris. We're excited to see designers express their creativity in a different way with a single pattern on full looks, and after seeing how patterns have been used for the current season and previous seasons, we say it's about time! Boundaries are still being pushed, and soon enough menswear will be neck-and-neck with womenswear in creativity and design. Thanks to Europe's fashion weeks, we can't wait to see what's in store for New York.

(Photos via WWD)