Paris Chic: Sandrine Sandrinette

January 07, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Sandrine Sandrinette is everywhere on the Parisian fashion/art/music scene. As Colette’s social media lady, and photographer for the store’s Instagram account, Sandrine applies her creative eye to document and share images of the cool people passing through, special product launches and all day every day happenings at the shop.

Known for her eclectic style, Sandrine is courted by brands like Levi’s, Carhartt and Nike to wear their products. We had a coffee with Sandrine in Paris. @sandrinesandrinette


(C) When did you first start thinking about fashion?
My mother used to love fashion so it became contagious but I'm not a fashion addict, I have a lot of crushes.

(C) What are a few of your most prized possessions?
I have to say my most prized possessions are sentimental! For instance, on my last birthday the Colette team secretly planned to get me a TV. I didn't have one for 5 years. It's something that I wasn't expecting, it's a only a TV but for me it's more than a TV, their love and affection is priceless. And for the record, I can't stop watching my favorite series now a days!

(C) If you had to wear a uniform for the rest of your days what would it be? Carhartt overalls, white tee , converse 70's high, a teddy and a mariner cap. I actually do it a lot.

(C) What are three of your favorite Instagram accounts at the moment?

S: @colette of course ;-) On my own instagram I only follow my friends, brands & magazines so @highsnobiety (lifestyle news), @Igobyfrankie (I love her style ...) & @Tyrsamisu (Typography). & @izzysuperior, the most fashionable greyhound in Paris. I said to my friend I'd never follow his dog but...

(C) Who is on your fashion radar right now?
I don’t have a fashion radar; there are always ideas to pick up here and there. I am influenced by everything surrounding me in my daily basis. People in the subway, people running to work, people at the bakery, my friends, our customers at Colette, nightlife... there is inspiration everywhere!

(C) Favorite scent?
White musk

(C) What do you like to do when you’re not working?
S: Spend time with family and friends, movies, music , books, exhibitions, walk, travels... enjoy life!

(C) What interests you most at the moment?
My work of course and I'm very focused on it. Dynamo cycling, boxing, eating healthy, my close friends, new births, a bit of everything in general (Fashion, music, exhibitions...)

(C) What are your must-haves when traveling?
My iPhone , computer, camera, charger, sunglasses, bandanas, sneakers, and Stance socks.

(C) What is your favorite carry on luggage?
S: Carhartt and Eastpak.

(C) Name your favorite travel destination …

S: For inspiration: India

For relaxation: Thailand

For a quick getaway: Berlin