Outsource your shipping with Wynd at Capsule

July 09, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Hate shipping? Outsource your shipping duties with Wynd– the new company that’s transforming the way shipping fits into people's lives. Now stores and small businesses can outsource one of the most time consuming day to day operations of retail: shipping. Brands like Noah, Thom Browne, Unis and Pilgrim already use the service, which offers e-commerce order fulfillment, and finds the lowest rates. Retailers use an easy-to-use in-store tool to get the process started, and every shipment is picked up and packaged individually, and then shipped. wynd now offers New Yorkers same day delivery within NYC.

wynd integrates into a store’s existing e-commerce platform, including Shopify and Squarespace. Orders are automatically forwarded to wynd for pick up and wynd’s shipping rates are embedded into your e-comm platform.

Learn how you can take advantage of their service by stopping by the Wynd booth at Capsule New York.