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It's not everyday you have to choose between parallel universes, or magazines

Remember the episode of Seinfeld when everything is backwards? Elaine finds a gang of three that is parallel to idiots she usually gallivants around the city with. George is not a cheap loser, Kramer’s inventive ideas are practical, and Jerry is pleasant and disinterested in critical cynicism. As Jerry warns her that pretty soon the universe will consume her sense of reality and she will start to say hello instead of goodbye and goodbye instead of hello she (eventually) snaps out of it, and understands that the backwards way is not always the right way even if it looks better on paper.

Majority of the time, backwards thinking ends up being a bad idea. Yet, a growing trend concerning online magazines would beg to differ. In this day and age where newspapers are in trouble while everyone and their dog has a blog, a magazine hitting the press before going viral is a very old school way of doing things. However, online magazines like High Snobiety, Hypebeast, Slamxhype and even some French bloggers like BKRW/ Black Rainbow are taking the plunge and making printed editions of their publications.

The reasoning could vary, higher advertising budgets from the initial online presence, a pet project for editors, the nostalgic value of the physical object. However you spin it, it is nice to think that these magazines want their content to be something tangible and have the confidence that their content is worth a purchase, rather than just an Internet connection.

The parallel universe leaves quite the bizzaro situation indeed. But hey, at least you get a great magazine out of it.

Words by Carly Heffner