October 06, 2007 BY CAPSULESNEWS

houseofholland.jpgWe know the 80s are over and the 90s are starting to really affect fashion. We've already broken out the buffalo plaid and black tights, and started going to the monthly 1992 party that's been floating around the NYC nightlife scene. PSFK is also up on the trend and has filed this report: "The 80’s grip on popular culture may finally be slipping as the next generation is increasingly looking to the early 90’s for inspiration. The first half of the noughties gave us unashamedly 80s fashion, music (the entire electro movement) and even hair cuts (asymmetric fringe anyone?). Since ‘05 however nineties influence has been creeping into youth culture...." Read the full story here.






PHOTO: House of Holland on PSFK