Oliver Spencer Interview on Monocle


oliverspencer.jpgOliver Spencer is about to launch an e-tail site, and Monocle has an exclusive interview with the designer:                               

What were your concerns when putting the brand online?
For the shop, I worked with tradesmen and chose every last hook and hanging rail. Online, you have to relinquish some control, so getting the right people to translate your vision is essential.                           Why establish an online presence now?
The decision was purely down to the brand ‚Äì rather than the economic climate. It‚s a natural continuation of what we‚re about, which is building a complete lifestyle around the brand.                                                                        What opportunities and risks does online present to fashion and retail?
The concerns about e-commerce are valid because the lack of boundaries online brings challenges as well as opportunities. Websites should never be an alternative to the shopkeeper model of retail and I still want people to come and gulp the air in store. Department stores in the UK have forgotten what good service means. We are concentrating on being good shopkeepers ‚ both in store and online.