Oliver Spencer AW13

January 18, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Since 2002, self-taught British tailor Oliver Spencer has been creating laid-back menswear that mirrored his own wardrobe- a bridge between popular streetwear and traditional tailoring. Under his eponymous label his style, taste, and touch influences the brand and ultimately becomes a form of expression for the modern man. We sat down with Oliver Spencer and heard his take on the rise of menswear as well as received an insider's look at his AW13 collection.

Tell us about your collection for AW13 — how would you describe the overall feel of the collection?

Overall the collection is about warmth, color, and texture with an artisan feel—taking architectural lines and using these on traditional tailoring to create a modern fit. The collection was inspired by the influential 20th century German artist / art theorist, Joseph Beuys, and his association with the 1960’s Fluxus movement. In particular, it’s the fabrications for bold suiting and outerwear which are a nod towards Beuys’ significant ‘Felt Suit.’

What are some key looks or concepts you've proposed this season?

The use of color is a big focus of the collection, along with using interest fabric combinations. Key looks are the diagonal striped suit, Cashmere Quilt Lined Parka and the Sheepskin Collar leather jacket.

LFW menswear shows are a huge success! In your opinion, what should London menswear stand for in the global playing field?

Individualism, innovation and color.

You've been designing this collection for over a decade. How do you feel about the recent revival of interest in men's fashion?

There has always been a really strong menswear offering in Britain, but over the past few years there has been a growing interest from consumers and a bigger spotlight put on men’s fashion with the help from seasonal events such as Men's day at LFW and now LCM.

In which direction do you see men's fashion heading in the next few seasons?

I see men’s fashion coming out of the woods more, becoming cleaner with stronger colors with a focus on design rather than heritage influences.