NYFW Recap: Day 1

September 05, 2013 BY WATM

NYFW is officially underway today, which would make yesterday's shows, events, and parties the "soft opening". There was much to see on Wednesday with the awaited Michael Bastian show that never disappoints and the Details' Tech and Tastemakers seminar that featured the likes of Tyler Thoreson, Tommy Ton, and Nick Wooster. That's not all, we caught most of the shows and presentations yesterday so keep it locked as we share our recap of Day 1.

Details Txt was the place to be yesterday. The seminar had round table talks with the top dogs in menswear. Topics such as technology, social media and blogging were discussed by Andy Spade, Lawrence Schlossman, Michael Williams and more. Getting tips and advice from the experts could not be missed.

IMG_0723edit IMG_0728edit IMG_0730edit IMG_0724edit

During Details TxT, Visvim unveiled their women's collection for the first time here in the States. The SS14 collection played with patchwork from patterns and textures made famous by countries all over the world. Combining these patterns made for a worldly and well-traveled SS14 collection that even looked seasonless which made for a great selling day. Be on the lookout for this collection to hit stores. Cop a few digs for your lady if you're into matching or just because you really, really care.


visvim-womens-ss14-we-are-the-market-1 visvim-womens-ss14-we-are-the-market-2 visvim-womens-ss14-we-are-the-market-3 visvim-womens-ss14-we-are-the-market-5 visvim-womens-ss14-we-are-the-market-4

Following Visvim, we ran to the Standard Hotel's High Line room to catch KYE. The surgery inspired collection was spot on and contributed to the new wave of menswear, draping. It was less like Rick Owens and Boris Bidjan Saberi and more of its own character and aesthetic which was refreshing. Kathleen Kye outdid herself for SS14.

kye-ss14-nyfw-recap-5 kye-ss14-nyfw-recap-3 kye-ss14-nyfw-recap-4 kye-ss14-nyfw-recap-2 kye-ss14-nyfw-recap-1

We killed time before we headed to Ernest Alexander and Bespoken's presentations. Bespoken had the top floor while Ernest Alexander held down the bottom floor. Both brands went very clean this season mixing tailoring with streetwear and added patterns for good measure.


bespoken-ss14-we-are-the-market-3 bespoken-ss14-we-are-the-market-5 bespoken-ss14-we-are-the-market-4 bespoken-ss14-we-are-the-market-2 bespoken-ss14-we-are-the-market-1 ernest-alexander-ss14-we-are-the-market-3 ernest-alexander-ss14-we-are-the-market-1 ernest-alexander-ss14-we-are-the-market-4

Following Ernest Alexander x Bespoken was Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen. Cohen took over a local diner for his two floor show that had models posted in the lounge area and past the kitchen in the break room.

shades-of-grey-by-micah-cohen-ss14-nyfw-recap-2 shades-of-grey-by-micah-cohen-ss14-nyfw-recap-4 shades-of-grey-by-micah-cohen-ss14-nyfw-recap-5 shades-of-grey-by-micah-cohen-ss14-nyfw-recap-1 shades-of-grey-by-micah-cohen-ss14-nyfw-recap-3

To end the night we caught the unveiling of Christian Stroble's first collection, Stroble New York. The NY-based designer turned bag designer grew tired of looking for the perfect bag and decided to take matters into his own hands. Every bag was made like his favorite leather jacket (which made an appearance on a model at the show), with like construction and made for long-time use and wear and tear.


christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-2 christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-7 christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-6 christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-5 christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-4 christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-3 christian-stroble-ss14-we-are-the-market-1


Day 1 was a long, hard day (pause), and we're gearing up for day 2. Stick with us for NYFW for recaps of every day.