Nudity Today Book Launch Party



Are you in LA with no plans for this Friday? Check out the book launch of Nudity Today, a compilation of pictures featuring nude models photographed by ten up-and-coming photographers. Acccording to the Family website, Nudity Today "contains numerous and varied photographs of the naked human form", from an amalgamation of artists who "represent the vanguard of a veritable horde of young photographers and models who don't mind getting nude and then doing things while nude."

The entire collection was edited and compiled into a book by Jesse Pearson, the former Editor-in-Chief of Vice magazine, and the current founding editor of Apology, where he has honed his talent for recognizing both zeitgeist cultural movements and the distinction between pornography and art.

"There’s a lot of porn on the internet, but I don’t think you can say nude photography is cheapened", Pearson told The Fader. Pearson also goes on to say that the type of experience he was hoping to provoke with this collection was one of "mental and emotional arousal, an implied sense of intimacy that borders on a strange feeling of inclusion, the coolness of marveling over the sculptural and abstract-able nature of the body."

In an interview with Opening Ceremony, Pearson commented on the unique shift in societal values that really allowed a book like this to happen. "There was this nice little perfect storm that happened early in the last decade in which a lot of social mores were drastically relaxed, while at the same time it became easier and quicker to make a photo than ever before. I think that all that loosening-up had something to do with privacy becoming more fluid because of social networking mixed with digital photography. Many people in the book came of age in an era when no one questions the urge to put the most intimate details of one’s life out there, to the whole world, all the time... as time goes on, there comes more and more potential for what might be called 'vulgarity' in nude works."


The book launch begins at 7:30 PM, this Friday, July 12th at Family Los Angeles on N. Fairfax Ave. Nudity Today is available for purchase on the Family webstore.


Family 436 N. Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90036 Tuesday - Sunday: 1 - 9pm