Now Open: Han Kjøbenhavn New York Shop

March 18, 2013 BY CAPSULESNEWS

The guys behind Han Kjøbenhavn have braved all sorts of red tape, moved whole families across the ocean and met many other logistical challenges to bring New Yorkers their very specific brand of Scandinavian design. With a new 850 square foot shop opening in the heart of Nolita this weekend, we spoke to Han Kjøbenhavn designers Jannik Wikkelso Davidsen and Tim Faith about the move, the store, and more.

Welcome to New York! Tell us about the shop.

The NY store is designed by Han Kjøbenhavn. It has a boutique feel with its 850 square feet. We chose to make it the same style as our CPH store, but with lighter coloring. Basically, it is a white box with oak interior and strong references to our Danish architectural heritage. We have made it very clean with almost only white parts, such as the floors and fitting rooms, but to give it depth we have made different patterns on displays and doors. The shop has a very classic Scandinavian feel.

Why New York? And why now?

We felt that opening a store in NYC was the obvious next move after our flagship store opened in Copenhagen in February of last year. New York has always been a go-to-place for us, and we have been seeing an increased interest in our brand from the US over the last two years. More than 40 percent of our webshop sales come from US customers.

New Yorkers seem to be in love with Scandinavian design at the moment. How will you tell your brand’s story to the many New Yorkers who might be experiencing your brand for the first time?

Scandinavian design has clean aesthetic lines and classic colors such as white black and wood. For all new Han costumers, Han Kjøbenhavn is known for its expertise in eyewear, as well as denim and Danish workwear, the innovative mix of heritage and modern Danish design makes up the aesthetic of the brand and our stores.

What will you stock in the shop? Will it just be your brand?

Our store will be a mono brand Han Kjøbenhavn store, but with few selected pieces from fellow Danish brands, such as Lego architecture and Danish design books.

Are you planning any special events or features for the shop?

This year we will launch our very first collab with an American brand, and of course feature our limited collections.

OK- NY vs Copenhagen

Big city many people vs small city few people.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in NYC?

Our shop.

What’s your favorite place to hang out in Copenhagen?

Our shop.

What’s something about NYC that you’ve experienced recently that surprised you?

The way the city handles new businesses with bureaucracy and all kind of rules, regulations and restrictions.