Now Open: Fivestory Accessories Department

December 12, 2014 BY STEVE DOOL


The Cut has a first look at what they've called the new "accessories emporium" at Fivestory, the opulent Upper East Side designer boutique. Open today, the overhauled accessories section is housed on Fivestory's first floor, where it replaces a women's casual department, along with a somewhat modest men's selection.

Fivestory owner Claire Distenfeld notes that the space, designed by Ryan Korban (fresh off his Balenciaga boutique in Dallas), is also meant to denote a sea change of sorts for the two year old retailer. The store will see a renewed focus on jewelry, shoes and handbags.

Distenfeld told the Cut, "When we opened the store, it was a no-brainer for me to have a room solely dedicated to jewelry and accessories. Most lifestyle concept stores have jewelry as a highlight to ready-to-wear or as an accent here and there. I started to realize that jewelry and accessories were huge strengths of mine while simultaneously a weakness of New York."

This realization came with a little nudging from J. Crew's Mickey Drexler, who advised Distenfeld, "Don't be good at everything, be great at something."

Oh, Mickey Drexler - with sage advice dispensed to the youth like that, he truly is the Beyonce of fashion retail.

See Fivestory's new accessories offering for yourself at 18 East 69th Street, NYC.