Northern Star: Keep An Eye On Anne Sofie Madsen

November 20, 2013 BY MOUSSA MCHANGAMA

anne_sofie_01Words by our Danish correspondent, Moussa Mchangama of DANSK Magazine

Mix Japanese manga, half-dead Inuit warrior princesses, Princess Mononoke, and millennium fear and you should get a rough vision of Anne Sofie Madsen’s universe. As maybe the most praised talent to come out of Scandinavia in years, one can’t be sure she’ll stick around the Northern hemisphere for long.

”My focus isn’t Scandinavia. The last couple of seasons I’ve had my collections in Paris, and now it will be in London as well,” she says, as we sip coffee in a chilly autumn sun outside her studio in Copenhagen.

She’s contemplating building a bigger platform in Paris and wasn’t sure she would have been part of the next Copenhagen Fashion Week, hadn’t she won the new award “DANSK Design Talent – Magasin Prisen”. The award comes with a monetary prize of approximately $90.000, including a show during fashion week.

“I was so happy to win the award, and I love being in Copenhagen. But an international presence is very important for me,” says the Dane, who now works with major players like Kopenhagen Fur and Ecco Leather

“Ecco has a lab where you can develop your own surfaces, textures, colors, everything. Right now, I’m all about surfaces with patina – getting materials to look older than they are,” says Madsen, adding that she is focused on the millennium fear of the late 1990’s.

“I find fear inspiring at a very conceptual level. But contrasts are a constant theme for me,” she notes, focusing on her DNA as I pose the last question.

“I think my work tries to re-create and re-think both folklore and couture techniques within a context of modern materials and silhouettes. That’s the crux.”