Nocturnal Workshop Reflective Collection

September 23, 2013 BY OBI ANYANWU



Leather backpacks are past the "new wave" stage, in fact they're a style mainstay, but Nocturnal Workshop aims to change that. The tech-inspired accessories brand that launched this year makes understated backpacks and rolltop bags that really shine in direct light for those that look to make a bold fashion statement one day and take it easy on another. Don't worry about trying to compliment your neon jackets and Flyknits, these bags are a true standalone pieces.

Nocturnal Workshop bags are designed in Vancouver but are handmade in Seattle. Knowing where products and materials originate are very important to shoppers and the brand holds this in such high regard. In order to ensure that a great product is made they turn to Seattle where the best artisans will only get better.

Nocturnal Workshop is fit for city life, much like another Canadian Capsule brand, and will make you part ways with that leather sack on your back. Peep the gallery above for the entire collection.

Check out Nocturnal Workshop's site here.