The Art of Retail: Nitty Gritty, Stockholm

December 01, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Established in 1991, Nitty Gritty is a leader on the Swedish, as well as global, retail scene. Men’s and women’s stores sit side by side in central Stockholm, serving as focal points for discovery of emerging global brands, as well as hosting events, and presenting exclusive collaborations.


Going beyond just selling clothes, Nitty Gritty has launched a small series of products that will support a good cause. Call it Charity Streetwear, Nitty Gritty recently introduced a T-shirt, from which all proceeds went to the Red Cross and their work with helping the millions of refugees that are on the run from war and oppression in their home countries. After selling 250 T-shirts in two weeks, the shop will be expanding the concept in 2016.



Creative Director / Buyer Hugo Wiik believes there are some major shifts in the market happening now. “There is almost no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ anymore in terms of styling and brands,” he says. “Everything happens and is ongoing at the same time. It’s all about staying focused and doing your thing.”

“Hopefully there will also be more sustainable collections in thefuture. Brands need to take a bigger responsibility and demand more recycled and eco-friendly fabrics and in general be more careful with the use of the earth´s resources.”


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