New Media: The Field

November 25, 2015 BY CAPSULE


The Field is a new, modern outdoor lifestyle publication sharing stories of travel and adventure, gear news and reviews, and photo essays, which launched in November. Editor Graham Hiemstra describes The Field as a magazine and newsletter “for all (men and women) who share an interest in the outdoors, and well-designed products. We hope to appeal to the creative class, living in cities, like we are.” With travel pieces, product reviews, and great photography, The Field is a new kind of outdoor mag, appealing to the modern active lifestyle enthusiasts. “We’re aesthetes at our core, and want to shine a light on the gear out there that puts equal weight on form and function,” he says.

Hiemstra has had his share of adventures already. “This past October two of us rode motorcycles 1000 miles around Lake Michigan, through Indiana, Wisconsin and both bits of Michigan. We rode in rain, wind, sleet and sunshine, and ate at roadside diners for four days straight. It was a proper adventure and we hardly even left paved roads.” @thefieldmag

Photo: Ian Durkin