New Dandyism

November 21, 2006 BY CAPSULESNEWS


We love us some dandyism. Ditto for the high end hoodie + fedora + unshaven, graphic tee + scotch looks pictured above.  We lifted these images from New Dandyism, a soon to be ecommerce site and conglomerate of some of our favorite brands (Call of the Wild, Sticks N' Stones, Obedient Sons, Nicholas K, Rag & Bone, Loomstate, wood wood and New Dandyism)...

Truth be told, when we think of dandy, we think Des Esseintes from Huysman's A Rebours, but we love the modern version too. Take the finest example we've seen - BPMW's own Cator Sparks, for starters.

New Dandyism's definitely thinking big thoughts -- we love streetwear, custom made shirts from Ascot Chang, jiggy hats and sneakers all mixed up into something wholly new.

From their manifesto:

"There has been a new cultural resurgence of dandyism. It has moved beyond the over used and often misappropriated "metro sexual". Men have a new appreciation for fashion, design, and taste. I don't think men have cared so much about how they look in decades, perhaps centuries, and probably have never been so proud of the time they put into their appearance."