New Brands To Watch For At Capsule Paris


Every show and season, Capsule welcomes in new brands to their trade-show family. Here are some of the brands who are hot and fresh at Capsule Paris this year– from luxe sweaters and under garments to colorful shoes and quality crafted shirts, these are a group to keep your eye on...

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Created to bridge the gap between fast, disposable fashion and luxury super brands, Garderobe is a premium menswear brand based in London. The brand’s SS14 collection is focused on reinventing classic menswear wardrobe staples—think well-cut trousers, sexy knits and slim fit suits—and takes inspiration from Modernist European architecture of the mid 20th century.


The White Briefs

The intellectual manifesto behind The White Briefs is almost as compelling as the collection itself. Designed in the harbor town of Osterlen in Southern Sweden, The White Briefs is designed with the aim of “a continued meaningful exploration of opulent utility garments, effortlessly elegant yet maturely sophisticated.” Using carefully selected fine wool ribs, organic sheers, heavy cotton rib and jersey in a palette of precise colors and stripe details, The White Briefs offers a new perspective on how to dress—with dramatically beautiful wardrobe building blocks including undergarments, shirting, suits and knits for men and women.

Shoes Like Pottery - Black

Shoes Like Pottery

Wait? These shoes are like what? The raw rubber outsoles are fired in a 120°C (248°F) kiln for 70 minutes, similar to, you know, pottery. The extreme heat and pressure causes the sulfur mixed inside the raw rubber to chemically react, returning the rubber to its original shape. This process, called ka-ryu makes it possible to hand-craft small batches of some of the world’s finest vulcanized shoes. Made by Moonstar, which was founded in Kurume, Japan in 1873, Shoes Like Pottery offers authentic Japanese craftsmanship and know how in every pair. Crafty!



Buddy footwear just wants to make you happy. The Japanese brand’s popular Buddy Corgi Low style is sleek, lo-tech and designed for comfort. Its upper comes in a rainbow of smile-inducing colors cut from double thick cow suede with Tochigi vegetable tanned leather trim. The 100% natural rubber outsole is soft and strong. With an eye on conserving space and natural resources, Buddys don’t come in a shoe box; instead they’re packed in space saving vacuum packs—allowing retailers to keep more stock in a smaller amount of space. We’re smiling already.

RB CWS AM A-W13-2-3

Alex Mattsson

Alex Mattsson is one of the rising stars in London’s emerging menswear design scene. Half Swedish, half Colombian, and raised in Norway, Mattson’s global outlook plays a big part in his other-worldly designs that exaggerate and reinvent menswear. Speaking a thoroughly modern fashion language that’s inspired by London’s club and street scenes, Mattson’s aesthetic is informed by a youth spent reading i-D and Dazed & Confused. Think super baggy, street-inflected zoot suits, hypercolor biker jackets, oversized workwear staples and upscale gangster looks cut in leather.

Quality mending

The Quality Mending Co

Vintage dealer Oliver Harkness has been selling vintage American fashion for over a decade in downtown Manhattan. Now he has a collection of denim and sportswear inspired by his favorite pieces. A key item for SS14 will be a new jean, called the Norman Selby, named for the famous boxer from the turn of the 20th century. The Norman Selby will be produced in a series of fabrics including standard Cone Mills White Oak denim, Cone Mills over dyed denim, Japanese herringbone twill and several other varieties and colors. Get excited.



Maybe the African continent doesn’t immediately spring to mind when thinking of fashion as we know it, but designer Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud is out to change all of that with her collection Laurenceairline. The Paris-based brand mixes European tailoring with the designer’s own African heritage and the entire range is produced in Africa. Using African pagne fabric alongside European materials give the collection its signature look and feel. Chauvin-Buthaud trains local people to produce high quality garments following international standards in the brand’s manufacturing facility in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. Global in the best way.



Australian board shorts with cool prints and colors; that’s what Venroy is all about. Made in Australia with acute attention to quality, style and function, Venroy offers a well-cut, thoughtfully engineered board short that hits just above the knee. Prints are designed exclusively for the brand and range from surfside conversation starters like digital stingrays and Turkish mosaics to styles flecked with Egyptian symbols.


Eleven Paris

This French label is celebrating 10 years of drawing inspiration from art, music and underground culture for its ultra contemporary collection for men and women. The brand is represented by some of the rock world’s most famous daughters including Lizzy Jagger, Zoe Kravitz, and Alexandra and Theodora Richards and it’s not hard to tell why; Eleven Paris has been perfecting le cool for a decade, and it shows. With boutiques all over France and a recently opened one in London, now’s your chance to take this brand to your people.

Originally seen in Capsule's Newsletter No.6