New American Design - Hymne SS17 Preview

June 20, 2016 BY CAPSULE


HYMNE (pronounced - /him/) is a Los Angeles based menswear collection born out of the desire to escape the conventional contemporary fashion cycle. Both literally and figuratively, HYMNE collections are embedded simultaneously in craftsmanship and deconstruction. We spoke with designer Jide Osifeso as he prepped for Capsule Paris.

(c) Tell us about your SS17 collection— whats the inspiration?
Graphically, the collection was inspired by creationism, in a figurative sense. Given that we are a young brand it was a natural thought to explore.

(c) What are some key styles or fabrications we should look forward to seeing at Capsule?
For Spring, we wanted to give a the collection a very much worn in look and feel. Our graphic t-shirt offering is all printed and embroidered on washed and treated jerseys and fleece. We tend to gravitate towards clothing that are a little raw and unpolished so we wanted to keep the collection in that spirit.


(c) Your brand is part of a collective of brands we’re calling New America — what does the term New America mean to you in reference to your brand?
New America to me is American made clothing being as daring and progressive as the clothing we used to have to look abroad to find.

(c) What or who do you think is impacting men’s fashion this season?
I feel like I see more and more people wearing non-conventionally proportioned clothing nowadays which I really enjoy. It’s something we love to do with HYMNE.