Debuting at Capsule -- Ne.Sense Wholesale Collection

December 09, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Yesterday we posted pics of the soft launch of Taiwan-based boutique Ne.Sense’s new menswear collection, available exclusively at the store and online. Today, we bring you a preview of the AW16 collection, which will be available at wholesale for the first time at Capsule. Featuring progressive shapes and silhouettes, that we haven't seen in other collections, such as a slim, V-neck shirt based on Taiwanese farmers' uniforms, or a short sleeve cardigan that's made for layering, the Ne.Sense collection presents elevated menswear that is both street-smart and carefully tailored.

We spoke to creative director Steve Hsieh about the collection...

"Ne.Sense, otherwise known as Necessity Sense, is founded by my brothers and me with the goal of bringing emerging aesthetics to Taiwan. We hope to allow Taiwan to be on the same page as other major cities and possibly put it on the fashion map one day.

"In this case, we decided to start an in-line collection under our full name Necessity Sense because we feel like we are very limited in our ability to present a distinctive voice to our customers, and nurture a creative movement, by just being a store. We can be great storytellers, bridging the gap between the brands we carry and our local customers. However, we still lack the ability to directly let our customers know what we stand for.

"The name, Necessity Sense is a tribute to our dad. "Sense is a necessity in life" is actually a saying my dad said a lot when we were growing up. Our dad is really into fashion as well, but due to family obligations and the fact that fashion wasn't considered a sustainable business in his generation and in Asian culture, he was never able to reach for his dreams. However, because of his interest, my brothers and I have been exposed to apparel and design since we were very young. We never thought we could actually make a career out of our interest, but our dad was the one that inspired and motivated us to start this journey.

"We have always aimed to impact others with our stories and to inject culture into apparel. We feel like starting our own line with a specific story/issue to tell in each collection is a good place to continue our path.

"In terms of aesthetics, since we grew up in Taiwan, Tokyo, and United States, we aim to fuse those cultures together. The end result is a cohesive label that mixes Asian tailoring with a relaxed Western twist."

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