Need Supply's Human Being Journal 6 Has Everything: Guns, Bags and Soulland

April 27, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL

Human Being Journal is back. Over the course of five previous issues, Richmond-based retailer Need Supply has established a unique point of view with their biannual print publication; they've commissioned indie magazine-worthy editorials featuring new seasonal arrivals in the shop, published alongside architectural surveys, photo essays and even a story on prison shanks.

Issue number 6 expands their world even further. Produced in conjunction with Danish menswear label Soulland, HBJ 6 explores the "compelling thoughts, things
and stories hidden, often literally, in plain sight." To that end, you can expect a tour of New Mexico through the eyes of photographer Mikael Kennedy, a look at youth subculture inspired by Larry Clark's Tulsa and a check-in with art world kooks Elmgreen and Dragset.

There's also a profile on Kimberly and Nancy Wu, the sisters behind Los Angeles' minimalist bag range Building Block, and an interview with print magazine hero Gert Jonkers of Fantastic Man.

And in their apparent continuing quest to bring details of life behind bars to fashionable folks everywhere, the HBJ team commissioned chefs to reimagine prison food, and topped it off with a quick look at some firearms. If you ever find yourself in the slammer, don't say HBJ wasn't there to help you prepare.

Human Being Journal 6 is available now for $15.