Native Youth Fall/Winter 2014:

July 16, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Our brothers from across the pond, Native Youth are gearing up for Fall/Winter 2014, and the imagery coming from their collection looks fantastic. Designed in Great Britain, Native Youth has been bringing us contemporary menswear, distinguished by really gnarly patterns, fabric, and finishing methods. By no means a traditional English brand, Native Youth utilizes a variety of fashionable shirting, knits, and outerwear in their collections.

For Fall/Winter 2014, it looks like Native Youth has crafted some really comfortable and insulating pieces, featuring a deeper color scheme of grays, dark blues, deep reds, and blacks. Within a wide variety of outerwear and layer-able tops, the quilted gray jersey zip-up and pants are instant highlights in the collection, offering an interesting treatment to very typical garments. Throwing on one of the printed button-ups or wool knits underneath would result in an awesome kit. We can't wait to get our hands on these and see them in person.