Nanamica's Fall/Winter 2014 Look Book

July 15, 2014 BY ALEX DELANY


Japanese label Nanamica just dropped their look book for this coming Fall/Winter season, and there are some pretty impressive pieces, looks, and design found within. The majority of the pieces are done in deep earth tones, bringing to mind the naturalistic feel that the brand has embraced for years, and designer Eiichiro Homma explains that he used the rhythm of the sea to help create this collection. The collection features some really gnarly outerwear consisting of Indigo dyed denim, Gore-Tex tech materials, and a variety of weaving approaches.

A true study of the interaction of style and function, Homma explains that Nanamica's Fall/Winter 2014 collection is meant to age well with hard wear. As is tradition with Japanese clothing, Nanamica's attention to detail and process has really brought this collection to life, and examining one of these coats after a long season's wear will yield a most interesting result.