Naked & Famous at Bloomingdales this weekend

March 17, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Our favorite denim nerd, Brandon Svarc will be in Bloomingdales this weekend for a Naked & Famous trunk show. For those who can make it, Brandon will be helping men select the perfect pair of jeans, and will be giving out selvedge denim origami. Here, Brandon shares his tips for selecting the right pair of jeans.

(c) What are the key factors one should consider when buying a pair of jeans ?
Fit, Fabric, Price. Fit is obvious, and the size of the leg opening is a key part of getting the right fit for you. The denim itself is certainly key. We offer both 100% and stretch options in so many weights and shades of blue. Finally, like any product, it comes down to the price you would pay for the factors you want. That’s why we have this crazy concept called… “not ripping off the consumer”.

(c) What's your favorite origami shape to make and why ?
I love folding the pig (buta in Japanese). The one I make really looks like a stylized pig, works as a 3D model viewed from any angle, and has got a wiggly tail!