Menswear Brand To Watch: Battenwear

January 11, 2016 BY CAPSULE

While designing the Battenwear AW16 collection, designer Shinya Hasegawa spent the lead up to this season treating New York City like a steel and concrete wilderness, primed for expedition. The looming skyscrapers above the narrow streets in the Garment District became canyons through which to hike and ride his bike. The natives on the subway were like so many birds to be watched and cataloged. The water tower spotted rooftops formed the jagged outline of the city’s mountain range. The bright windows of Brooklyn brownstones, curtains thrown open, became glimpses into the mysterious microcosms of woodland creatures. The result is Battenwear’s most urban collection to date. While being hard working active-wear that begs to be worn into the mountains or to an early morning surf session, Battenwear is also known for its unique and progressive style, which makes the brand equally suited for fashionable everyday wear in the city.


Made to be practical and useful outdoor gear that is equally at home in one of the world’s most fashion-forward cities, the collection is defined by its unique silhouettes, eye catching fabrics, and refreshingly utilitarian details, all twists on traditional assumptions for outdoor gear. Since the best outdoor clothing features colors that help the wearer blend in to their background, for the first time, Shinya’s color palate includes black, the anti-color that represents the uniform of New York City.


For AW16, two Primaloft® insulated garments with detachable limbs inspired by bike messenger gear and a down parka and vest in honor of NYC’s bone-chilling winters are new key items. Other highlights from the collection include a winterized version of the Utility Jacket, which is debuting for Spring Summer 2016, updates on long-time customer favorites like the Bouldering Pants, Northfield Parka, and TSP2, and a great collection of Polartec® Classic 200 fleece items. Additionally, the brand’s size range has been expanded, making the collection more accessible to women.


Designer Hasegawa has long been influenced by the rich history of American outdoor clothing, and previously worked on the Woolrich Woolen Mills project under legendary head designer Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments. He built the brand around fundamentals such as comfort, travel-readiness, practicality, and durability. Battenwear is made in New York City.


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