Checking In: Meg Company SS17

May 18, 2016 BY CAPSULE

The Meg Company showroom, headed by Yuki Matsuda, has been a Capsule staple practically since day 1. Representing brands that value craftsmanship and quality above all else, Meg Co. has introduced the market to menswear faves including the handcrafted huaraches of Chamula footwear, bold sportswear by Monitaly, and classic made in the USA footwear by Yuketen. We checked in with the team to get a feel for what they'll be bringing to Capsule for SS17.



CHAMULA footwear is carefully crafted in central Mexico using only the finest components. The natural vegetable tanning process results in supple, breathable leathers, perfectly adapted for light footwear. Each piece of leather is hand painted and used to create comfortable, unique footwear that combines elegant silhouettes with native Mexican embellishment.



Menswear re-imagined... Monitaly revitalizes classic American silhouettes through designer Yuki Matsuda’s unique vision. Standing on the shoulders of clothing artisans from the American past, Monitaly strives to both elevate once-casual garments and rejuvenate formal silhouettes through relentless re-evaluation and clever re-contextualization. Monitaly’s fresh and exceptionally well-crafted garments blend sophisticated detailing with astute attention to fitting; proof that American craftsmanship mixed with worldly style lives on.



Since 1985, designer Yuki Matsuda has paid homage to the American crafts and traditions by treasure hunting for outstanding examples of footwear and luggage in remote locales spread out across the rolling Appalachians to the high Sierras.

During Yuki’s quests for American rarities, he befriended several footwear, luggage, leather, and blanket artisans whose personalities and skills are more beautiful and pure than their output. Yuketen exists from the lessons and heritage gleaned from these men and women.

Each Yuketen article begins with utmost thought and research and is constructed solely by aged hands of high-skill and years of experience, using only the most durable and precious raw materials such as our all-vegetable tanned leather, which is exclusive to Yuketen luggage products, or American naked leather, unique for its heavy, thick, and soft characteristics. Yuketen products' finishing touches are made by the owner's individual insignias; the outline of their footprint, crease-marks from the bend of their ankle, imprints from their hands, color shed from their skin, mementos of their lifetime.