Capsule Paris Men's 1 of 1 vintage salon!

December 20, 2016 BY CAPSULE

1 of 1 Vintage Salon at Capsule Paris Men's Show!

Join us to shop expertly curated and handsomely re-crafted vintage from an array of the world’s finest purveyors.


The Other Side of the Pillow: London, UK



East London’s @PillowHeat has become a destination for Vans collectors from around the world making the pilgrimage to peruse the largest known selection of original Made in USA Vans! Scouring the earth for deadstock rarities, they expertly deliver vintage heat through a curated exhibition and cash n’ carry pop-up.


Lot, Stock, and Barrel: LA

Lot, Stock and Barrel, the chain stitch specialists, best known for their passion of unique garments, historical design details, and engaging narratives told through the tailoring, customization and restoration processes. The LS&B team offers customers a chance to create a truly unique piece on site at Capsule Paris.


You can bring your own favorite pieces to commission embroidery artwork OR purchase a vintage LSB piece for a complimentary custom embroidery at Capsule Paris Men’s show.


Tried and True: LA


Tried And True Co., LA-based established in 2012 has made its mark as the sole vintage boutique blending modern era culture with nostalgic 90’s classics. Presenting a complete make-up of the beginnings of streetwear, or as some call “hip hop fashion”, one would find brands such as Nike, Polo, Adidas, DKNY, Starter, Tommy Hilfiger and many more. In the cusp of real-time fashion and pop up trends, we promote the well-built, timeless dime piece for those who believe in choice products.


They hunt for men, women and children – from jackets, crewneck sweatshirts, windbreakers, t-shirts, jerseys and more. Check out their expertly curated selection of our favorite nostalgic 90’s gems.

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