Meet Kyle NG, The Cool Dude Behind Capsule Las Vegas' No Brainer Shop

August 11, 2014 BY CAPSULE



In addition to being the man behind the excellent AXS Folk Technology brand, our resident style/Asian Food expert Kyle Ng is also the curator behind this year's No Brainer section of Donut Shop at Capsule Las Vegas. Here’s his take on what’s going down this year.

Tell us a little bit about NO BRAINER. Whats the unifying theme behind the shop?

THE NO BRAINER Shop is a curated cash and carry to showcase some of my favorite designers, artists, brands, and publications. I really wanted to pick together an eclectic offering of items that usually would not share the same space.

The No BRAINER shop mixes my punk sensibilities with my love for art/design and post-modernism. I am very inspired by the independent spirit and the idea of re-contextualizing genres. I’d say the takeaway message for this shop is to open your eyes towards new design and seeing how different styles can pair together to create something unique.

Who are some of the artists you're selling – what’s cool about them?

The list is really varied. We have Ouli selling furniture and design objects, Free Range selling delicious snacks, Shabazz Projects selling zines, & Pens Press, Ben Medansky’s ceramics, there’s a lot of different viewpoints being expressed.

What do people always get wrong about Las Vegas? And which clichés are true?

Vegas is whatever you want it to be. It is a place with no rules, so if you have no self control obviously you will go crazy. I like it because I like gambling and eating asian food.

If you worked for the vegas tourism board what would you promote about the city?

I would promote digital Craps and Chinese food.