Meet Illustrator Sine Jensen

July 30, 2014 BY CAPSULE


Meet Illustrator Sine Jensen by Moussa Mchangama

When you first look at her illustrations, you might think they’re printed or done on computer. But look closer. The detailed portraits and pictures of Danish illustrator Sine Jensen are meticulously done by hand – the old-fashion style with pencil and paper.

Since she graduated from The Royal Danish Academy, School of Design in Copenhagen in 2013, the 28-year-old Dane has worked for brands like Soulland, Tiger of Sweden and Soft Gallery, magazines like DANSK and Cover, and museums like Designmuseum Denmark and Gl. Strand.


“I’ve always been drawing. I started doing my first characters when I was two. I watched a lot of Disney movies as a kid, and thought I wanted to do that as well. Draw. Make characters. But then I realized that I didn’t want to draw other peoples’ characters, I wanted to create my own,” she says, as we sit at her desk at a creative office in Copenhagen.

Most of her work is commissions from different players in the creative industries, and as such her creative process starts with them providing her with pictures to draw.


“Often it’s archive pictures or good photos in high resolution. I’ll either draw directly from photos or make collages. Portraits are, obviously, always photos,” she notes, saying that her biggest asset is her ability to make even the smallest details and textures come alive.

“And then it’s fun to do LOLcats,” she says of her newest endeavor; printed postcards with her hand drawn reproductions of the now-famous LOLcat memes of various websites.

“It’s pretty stupid, basically, but fun. And it’s interesting to turn something as quickly made as a meme into something very detailed and different. It gives it a new perspective and creates something different. But it’s pretty stupid to use so much time on something as stupid as LOLcats."