Margiela Documentary to Screen at Tribeca Film Festival

April 20, 2015 BY STEVE DOOL

Part of the allure of Maison Margiela has always been the elusive nature of the house’s founder, Belgian designer Martin Margiela. Since the label debuted in 1989, and including his stint at Hermes, Margiela the designer has been famously publicity-adverse, gradually offering fewer and fewer public photographs and interviews until he began to avoid them completely in the mid-90’s. His mysterious nature has nearly reached legendary status, with journalist Eric Wilson noting in a 2008 New York Times article that Margiela’s “influence, perhaps as great as that of any living designer, is less often questioned than is his very existence.”

The Artist is Absent, a new 12-minute documentary short currently screening as part of the Tribeca Film Festival, aims to answer some lingering questions about Margiela, promising to reveal “the true face of the enigmatic Belgian designer who appears here as never before.” Filmmaker Alison Chernick rounded out her portrait of the artist with some industry titans who maintained personal relationships with Margiela, including Suzy Menkes, Jean Paul Gaultier and Raf Simons.

It’s also worth noting that the film was produced by Yoox Group, the luxury e-commerce giant that owns, and (and recently announced its acquisition of Net-a-Porter). Yoox counts Margiela among its brand list.

They've exclusively premiered the film’s trailer on its site, which we also have for you here. The full film will be available to screen on Yoox sites beginning April 27.