Mar Vista Art Department

October 19, 2015 BY CAPSULE


Tucked away in the heart of Mar Vista on Venice Blvd, Mar Vista Art Dept. is an art studio, show room, and retail space where artists work, live, and showcase their ideas. MVAD residents have built all sorts of artwork, products and installations for clients around the world. MVAD also welcomes local creators and designers into their space, providing them with the tools necessary to successfully grow their brand. Each section within the retail space offers a different opportunity for a unique display of the brand's products. Weekly workshops, new product showcases, group discussions and adventure trips hosted by MVAD allow new artists, designers, and craftsmen to connect with like-minded individuals and share what they do.

With a fully integrated shopping based website and a unique social presence, MVAD provides consistent exposure for the brands and products that inspire them. MVAD's philosophy is pretty simple; community comes first.